Performing read actions on a MongoDB database collection using shell commands


In Part 1, we did a very high-level review of the differences between relational databases and document databases. In Part 2 we are going to be much more hands-on. We start by setting up a MongoDB Atlas database with…

My first experience with MongoDB and noSQL databases

Why Another MongoDB Blog When there are Already so Many?

There are many, many blogs written about this topic. The MongoDB site alone is an incredible source. However, I find that writing about a topic is a great way of organizing my thoughts and solidifying what I’ve learned.

Last week I had…

How Stateful/Stateless design and Atomic design vie for my attention as I approach a major refactor.


How should I organize the components and directories in my React app? This is a hotly contested debate that exists between front-end developers. The end goal is to build out a structure that is easy to comprehend, scalable, and is of course modular. That much everyone can agree upon. We…

npx create-react-app

npx create-react-app my-app

Anyone who has started a random React project from scratch has undoubtedly used the above line of code. Well, maybe not titling your app ‘my-app,’ but you understand. React does so much legwork for you when building out the framework of your new app, and unless you’ve…

Guard rails for your relational database

What does one think of when they hear the word ACID? Chemists may think about a solution’s pH, mechanics may jump to some type of degreasing solvent, and festival-goers might think of the mind-altering substance that changes one’s perception of reality. …

RSpec is an incredibly powerful Ruby/Rails meta-gem that allows your to write very simple tests that test the efficacy of very complex code. It’s a meta-gem, because when it is bundled it includes multiple different versions of the same basic gem. Each version can be used for specific purposes or…

Christopher Michael Clark

A climate scientist turned software engineer

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